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Meet Niki


Hi friends! I am a lifestyle photographer and I am your biggest cheerleader. You are like family to me and I want to make your experience both memorable and fun! My goal is to capture you being yourselves to get those beloved candid moments.


What to expect from Niki as a photographer


You are important to me! Before each session, I help you mentally prepare by sending a pep message to get you hyped up and excited! During your session, I play music to help you relax and have fun. I will also pose and give instructions to make you look your best. You will hear me say phrases and give prompts to get different, natural reactions from you. This is how I capture those candid or tender moments. I cheer you on, encourage you to dance, and welcome talking and laughter during our sessions. You can expect me to at some point to lay down, climb into a bush, or balance on a fence in order to capture the perfect picture for you! Because you are important to me, I go above and beyond to make sure that you and your needs are being taken care of. 


When I'm not behind a camera


I am a mom to 3 beautiful children; Jayci, Tyson, & Brody.

I have been married to my sweetheart, Josh, for 13 years but it feels like yesterday when we were planning our own wedding.

I am a hugger. So if you don't like hugs, let me know or you will be getting a big hug!

I have a major sweet tooth and love Dr. Pepper & Take5. 

I am farm girl at heart but have grown to love the convenience of living closer to the city.

Drawing and singing are some of my hobbies. I have always loved taking pictures!

I am always going to workshops and classes to stay up to

date with technology and current trends.


What's in my Camera Bag

How I Became a Photographer

I have always been very artistic. From a very young age I was always drawing. I got my first camera when I was in first grade and would take pictures all the time until I wore it out; then I would ask for a new camera for Christmas. Over the years, my parents would put me into drawing classes because they saw how much I loved and had a talent for it. At 14, I decided that I wanted to be a photographer! I was fortunate to assist a photographer during a wedding. My job was to make sure the bride's dress looked beautiful, the groom looked sharp, and help the photographer with anything she needed. I was hooked! This is when I knew that I wanted to be a wedding photographer!

 My dad bought me my first digital point & shoot camera and told me that if I was serious about becoming a photographer, then I needed to start practicing with a better camera. I decided that it would also be a good idea to take a film photography class. I loved being in the dark room and the magic of the developing process.


In 2007, I applied as an Art Major with a Photography Emphasis at Utah State University. I was able to have a meeting with the dean of the department and talked with him about my dreams of becoming a wedding photographer. He told me that he could teach me the technical part of photography but recommended I do mentor sessions & private lessons from photographers in this field; that would be the most beneficial to me. I still completed two years at USU where I met and married my husband.


Corporate Livewire Prestige Series
2021/2022 West Coast Couples' Choice Photographer


After getting married, I worked full time and started a photography business. It was awesome to see my photography taking off! I was booking sessions and weddings while putting my husband through school; eventually becoming a mom to our daughter in 2012. After awhile I felt that I needed to put my photography business on hold and focus on my family. I wrestled with the decision of putting a pause on my dream but knew it was what was best for that time in my life. I'll admit, it was really hard to watch friends that started at the same time as me go forward, grow and become successful (don't get me wrong...I am so proud of them) I felt sad knowing that could've been me also; growing along side them and finding my style. But I put my trust in God that by putting photography on hold for a little while for my family, that one day I would be a wedding photographer again.

Fast forward 6 years, our family grew and my husband graduated from school. I continued to take pictures off the side, took classes to stay up to date, and would photograph for my friend's business. Then, in the fall of 2018, I started getting asked to take pictures again! I even had a photographer friend ask me to second shoot for a wedding. It made me so happy to be working with people and capturing beautiful moments in their lives. Not too long after this I began to feel that it was time. Time to start my photography business again and live my dream of being Wedding Photographer!

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